GrowlBadKitty from Tumblr. Lifestyle Dominant - Sadistic Female. CBT, Tease & Denial, Bondage, Forced Femme, Impact play. Shoe, latex and leather fetish. Many more kinks/fetishes. Sapiosexual. Mistress, Owner. Lover of all things sensual and erotic. Don't be afraid to send me a message. I don't bite...not unless you like it or you do not know how to behave properly . ***I didn't want to have to "go here" but, please don't send me messages asking me what I would do with you, asking for personal pictures, or calling me your Mistress when I'm not. If I am, we both know it. My age, that is my business. Like a fine wine or whiskey, if you have to ask, I'm too old for you and too expensive. I am not a Pro-Domme either, this is just who I am and a lifestyle I enjoy. Please be respectful. If you aren't, I will delete your message. Period, end of story. I'm NOT looking pick up a pet, sissy, sub or slave. If I was, I would not be doing it via a blog or website. That's not my style.** I don't own any of these pics, just things I've found that interest, intrigue me. LGBTQ+ friendly. ***If you are under 18/21, go back home until you are of legal age, you have no business being here and I am NOT interested**.



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